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Agrify has partnered with Bluezone, an award-winning U.S. military-developed air purification system that destroys airborne pathogens with ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation.

About Bluezone

Airborne molds and spores can launch up to 8 feet, traveling at a speed of 80 feet per second, with a high potential for damaging cannabis crops at a rapid pace. Pathogens are challenging to contain unless precautions are taken. Once they've entered a facility, they can wind up in every room. By deploying Bluezone 420 in your grow facility, you can mitigate environmental threats that are detrimental to your cannabis quality and the potential for high profitability.

Why Bluezone?

Intertek Laboratory certified Bluezone to have a 99.9% kill rate of both bacteria and mold.

Case studies prove effectiveness in just 120 minutes

Eliminates unwanted odors and ethylene

Safe for plants and personnel

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"“Shortly after we installed Bluezone in each of our grow rooms, we noticed a significant increase in air quality. The air circulating the room is crisper and we have experienced a decrease in cannabis odor both inside and outside of our grow rooms.”

Alex Wagner

CEO of Emerald Leaf Organics

More Than An Air Filter

Filtering the air is not enough - you need to ensure that you eliminate any risk that airborne pathogens pose to your crops.

Bluezone works by circulating air through a reaction chamber that destroys pathogens. Chemical compounds that create odors are oxidized, while mildew spores and botrytis are drawn through a self-contained ultraviolet light which kills them instantly.



Air Purification in Grow Facilities

Air purification is crucial for management of harmful airborne pathogens. Pathogens are spread through the air via oscillating fans and worker activity. If your production facility is infected with pathogens, they have the potential to wipe out an entire crop or significantly reduce yield and quality of your plants. To eliminate pathogens, cultivators are using air purification systems.

Nothing Performs like Bluezone
Part of Every Optimized Facility
Bluezone: Fewer Pathogens, Zero Drawbacks

Easy installation


No disturbance to
ongoing operation


Electronic display
confirms operation

"“We rely on Bluezone to prevent airborne diseases that can devastate an indoor farm. Bluezone is a key part of our success”

Living Greens Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

For flower, veg, clone, or mother rooms we recommend 1 unit for every 15,000 cubic feet. For trim, dry or grinding rooms we recommend one unit for every 7,500 cubic feet.

Bluezone can be hung from the ceiling, mounted to the wall, or placed on a cart or shelf. Bluezone installation is quick and easy and will not disturb your current operation. For best results, install Bluezone’s as close to the source of contamination as possible.

No cleaning is necessary. However, if facility standard requires wipe-down of all surfaces, Bluezone outside surfaces can be wiped with a damp (not wet) cloth.

Bluezone is equipped with an electronic display screen that confirms operation. A green screen confirms the unit is operating without fault.
Yellow or Red screens indicate a fault is detected and a message is displayed. A diagnostics page is included in every manual.

Yes. Bluezone reduced VOCs by >99% in a cannabis grow facility. Bluezone can help dispensaries adhere to zoning regulations and prevent lawsuits / temporary closures by reducing odors. Reducing odors helps ensure neighbors are not impacted by the pungent cannabis smell.


Specifications Value
Size 31 x 15 x 14 (79cm x 36cm x 34cm)
Weight (lb) 25
Input Voltage 120 or 240 VAC
Power 3 amps (at 120 Vac) 1.5 amps (at 240 Vac)
Operating Environment 34°F- 104°F or 1°C - 40°C (Up to 90% RH)
Storage Environment -40°F- 150°F or -20°C - 65°C (Up to 90% RH)
Treatment Volume (per unit) 15,000 cubic ft. or 430 m3
Power (W) 250
Electrical Connection Direct wiring standard, optional plug
Mounting Options Hung from ceiling, placed on shelf/rack/cart, or mounted to wall

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