The Only Integrated Cultivation Solution

Grow better. Grow smarter. Grow up with our vertical farming equipment.

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Integrated Grow Racks

Grow Efficiently

Fully equipped with LED Grow Lights, hydroponics, and basins, all intelligently designed and engineered to maximize your grow area.

  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Alloy

    Reduce bacteria and pathogens

  • Hydroponics

    Easily adaptable pipping systems for hydroponic irrigation and fertigation

  • LED Grow Lights

    Integrated lighting ensures maximum grow height while wire management enhances safety

Find out if this is the solution for you


Yield Increase

When stacked 3 units high


Increase in Potency

With granular environmental control


Lower OPEX

With a VFU system

How it works


Choose Your Genetics

From one of Agrify’s preferred partners


Manage Propagation through Veg

Maximize efficiency with Agrify IGRS


Control the Environment

Drive consistency with Agrify VFUs


Gain Insights, Optimize & Repeat

Turn data into action with Agrify Insights

Hear From the Real Experts

“We toured a lot of other facilities and it just felt really, archaic or not up to standards. We wanted to build out a facility that could utilize technology in the new way of growing and not try to build a brand new facility that was 20 years old.”

Nick Lynch

Whitecloud Botanicals

“Agrify solves the things that stress me out about going to a big scale cultivation operation like we’re planning to because of the human error that it reduces and the technological support they provide. …It really checked a lot of boxes for me right off the jump.”

Ben Virga

Bud and Marys

“There were technical factors that led us to Agrify, plus they worked with us, they were really good to work with and they were incredibly knowledgeable. “

Kevin Ferdowisan

Easy Street Extracts

“I think our COO was pretty excited about Agrify when he first stumbled upon it, because it really just- it takes everything that you need, all the moving parts, and consolidates it into one box.”

Ben Virga

Bud and Marys

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