Passive vs. Active Solvent Recovery

Passive vs. Active Solvent Recovery [Hydrocarbon Extraction]

Passive vs. Active Solvent Recovery: What’s the Difference? When using a solvent-based cannabinoid extraction system, the solvent that was used in the extraction process is collected and reused, either through passive solvent recovery or active solvent recovery. While the extraction process for each is similar, there are key differences between passive and active solvent recoveries that…

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How to Create a Perfect Grow Environment for Cannabis

cannabis grow room environment

The perfect indoor grow environment for cannabis cultivation is the topic of endless debate. Cultivators have been tinkering with humidity, temperature, lighting, and other climate variables for decades, trying to dial in the optimal conditions to increase yields, potency, and profits.  As cannabis transitions from the realm of backrooms and black markets into a viable…

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Ideal Humidity for Cannabis

setting environmental parameters for cannabis cultivation

What is the perfect cannabis humidity? Three invisible yet essential environmental parameters exist within the grow room: temperature, relative humidity (RH), and vapor pressure deficit (VPD).  These core, interrelated inputs help foster an environment that supports healthy plant development and, if perfected, can achieve full genetic expression. Hitting the optimal temperature and RH range throughout…

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4 Ways Production Planning Tools Maximize Cultivation Output

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Efficiency is essential in any cannabis cultivation facility. With so many daily tasks to complete, cultivators need to be highly organized and detail oriented at every stage to support consistent and high-quality yields. It would be impossible to commit everything to memory while developing a facility’s grow plans, and that’s where production planning tools come…

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