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Start growing efficiently with Agrify Integrated Grow Racks. Fully equipped with LED Grow Lights, hydroponics, and basins, all intelligently designed and engineered to maximize your grow space.


Agrify integrated grow racks are designed to keep all of your irrigation and nutrient feed piping and drainage hardware neatly tucked away for clean and easy access.

Developed with a powder-coated aluminum alloy that reduces opportunities for bacteria and pathogens to proliferate into plant diseases.

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Grow with Confidence


operations efficiency


grow space


overall yield

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Whether your preference of hydroponic irrigation and fertigation is flood and drain or drip emitters, our racks have you covered. Our piping installation systems are easily adaptable to almost all industry standard irrigation and fertigation equipment. All piping, valves and connectors are designed to be hidden for easy and clean access.

Case Study

How Agrify’s Vertical Farming Units Helped to Increase Consistency

LED Lighting

LED Grow Lights

Our LED grow lights are nestled neatly under each shelf rack to provide maximum grow height for your plants. Wire management is accomplished by tucking control and power cables behind the rack supports, reducing safety concerns.


Easy installation


No disturbance to
ongoing operation


Built-in LED
grow lights

Frequently Asked Questions

2 Tier Integrated Bloom Rack
4 Tier Integrated Clone Rack
5 Tier Integrated Grow Rack
6 Tier Integrated Grow Rack
8 Tier Integrated Grow Rack

Yes, up to 3 racks with proper brace supports.

Convenience - all wire and piping are neatly tucked away for clean and easy access.

Flexibility - product offering of 2 Tier, 4 Tier, 5 Tier, 6 Tier and 8 Tier Grow Racks.

Hassle Free Growing - Integrated Grow Racks are designed and engineered as one complete growing system. Equipped with basins, shelves and lights.

The ideal air flow rate is 4m/sec, less than that will limit the growth of plants. Too much will uproot the plant and the plant will die.

Our basins are engineered with sufficient slope grade to drain completely leaving no pooling of nutrient water in the basin. Pooling can lead to algae, mold and bacteria growth which can develop into a variety of destructive plant diseases.


Basin 95.87” L X 21.94” W X 2” Depth
Model O (TL) 246PPF, 96W Each
Inner Shelf Height 17.168in (436.0672mm)
Dimensions 101.25" (2571.7mm) 93.68" (2379.6mm) 23.42"(594.9mm)
Material Aluminum Alloy T6061
Max Wattage 800W
AC Input Range (Vac) 90-305
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power Factory 0.9

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