Greenhouse vs. Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Greenhouse vs Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Greenhouse or Indoor Cannabis Cultivation: What’s the Difference? Both greenhouse and indoor cultivation promise growers the same thing: a controlled growing environment. Unlike growing in the great outdoors, greenhouse and indoor cannabis cultivators need to worry less about climate change, inclement weather, and/or short summer seasons. Growing cannabis inside mitigates all these unpredictable fluctuations to…

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Traditional Indoor vs. The Agrify Solution

improved cannabis growing solutions

Moving cannabis production indoors improves yields, quality, consistency, and ultimately, market value. But is there a way to take these improvements one step further? The Agrify Solution is a combination of high-tech vertical farming units (VFUs) and Agrify Insights™, that outperforms all other other vertical cannabis grow systems. Agrify improves outcomes over and above traditional indoor…

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