Cannabis Extraction: Part 2, Hydrocarbon & Alcohol Extraction

Cannabis Extraction Techniques History: Alcohol & Hydrocarbon Extraction

What are the different types of cannabis extraction? As cannabis extracts fuel the growth of the cannabis market, we’re looking into the history and evolution of extraction methods. You can check out part 1 of our series focused on the origins of cannabis extracts here. Precision by Agrify is pushing the evolution of cannabis extraction…

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Cannabis Extraction: Part 1, Origins

Origins of Cannabis Extraction

Introduction to Cannabis Extraction The global market for cannabis is expected to reach US $42.89 billion by 20241 and the cannabis extraction sector is fueling this explosive growth. “Cannabis extracts” refers to the variety of cannabis products formed by separating and concentrating cannabinoids and other plant compounds, refining the experiential and therapeutic effects. Agrify’s family…

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