6 Ways Data Collection Shapes Consistent Cannabis Yields

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October 29, 2021


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    Within every grow facility is a treasure trove of information that can be collected, assessed, and used to maximize yields and produce consistent outcomes with each harvest. This information can be collected from your connected hardware and provides data that no cultivator could assess without the assistance of a program designed to capture, organize, and assess what this information means for your grow’s processes. Here are six ways you can put this actionable data to work in your grow facility.

    #1 – Data-collecting software demystifies cultivar research and development

    As the cannabis industry in the U.S. continues to mature and people bring global cultivars to market domestically, growers have an incredible opportunity to breed a new cultivar that helps them stand out in a hyper-growth market. Whether that’s a specific phytocannabinoid profile or a plant high in a few hard-to-find monoterpenes, these new cultivars can offer unique experiences for consumers searching for something new and exciting.

    When utilizing a software that tracks and collects thousands of key data points, you have all the tools at your disposal to craft the perfect “recipe” for your new cultivar. Use historical data to form hypotheses about the right lighting, humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors for your new cultivar. When test results come back, review them against your brand-new cultivar and tweak your grow settings as needed until you perfect your recipe.

    #2 – Confirm hypotheses about your cultivars

    Let’s say you want your most popular strain to consistently clock in at 21.5% THC content and 1% myrcene content. How do you get there? The answer is information – and lots of it.

    The importance of each individual setting in your grow room cannot be understated. A drop in temperature, an extra hour of light, or an uptick in relative humidity can all result in drastic changes to phytocannabinoid and terpene profiles. As a cultivator, the question to answer is which factor has the impact you want it to have on the cultivar in question. With the right software that automatically tracks and logs this data, you have an extensive, historic bank of information to pull from as you perfect your grow and reach your facility’s overall goals.

    #3– Expedite results for faster analysis and adjustments

    When your software plays an active role in automatically collecting and cataloging harvest data, you get the results, and answers, you need much faster. With direct input and output capabilities, you can get the answers without waiting for mailed lab results or hours of collecting data and manually number-crunching. You’ll also be alerted to potential issues faster, meaning you can quicky course correct if the results are not ideal.

    #4 – Software records your settings for easy reference

    Once your “recipe” is perfected, implementing it in each harvest should be a frictionless process. The right software that collects the necessary data can make this an easy task for your growers. This way, each harvest begins its first day in the grow room set to the ideal conditions for the perfect outcome.

    Some software comes preprogrammed with grow plans that can be put to use the moment your software is operational. These preset grow plans simplify the process by  automatically applying ideal grow room conditions and consumable schedules that maximize the genetic potential of some of the most popular cultivars on the market.

    #5 – Software minimizes risk for human error

    Copying over data manually creates opportunities for human error. One misplaced decimal point or incorrectly copied number, and your outcomes can be dramatically different than what you planned. Software that automatically collects, sorts, and stores these data minimizes the potential for error. This all but guarantees the accuracy of the data you’re collecting, as it’s untouched by human hands by the time it arrives in your software’s dashboard. It also reduces manual labor in the grow room, shaving hours off schedules that would otherwise be spent going from room to room to extract, record, and input data back into the software.

    #6 – Software streamlines data reporting

    Automatic data reporting similarly removes potential for human error and reduces manual labor related to the reporting process. Exporting options send pertinent information directly to the agencies that need it, taking just a few minutes instead of several hours to fill out and submit reports. Most importantly, this feature reduces inaccuracies in mandated reporting that can have significant consequences for your grow.

    As you shop for cultivation software, look for options that connect directly with regulatory platforms like METRC and third-party laboratory testing platforms like Confident Cannabis. This way, regulators and wholesale buyers alike get the information they need to satisfy their regulatory quota and to showcase the quality and consistency of your cannabis flower to potential customers.

    Maximize your grow’s abilities with Agrify Insights

    Imagine what you could do with up to 1.5 million data points at your fingertips. That’s what Agrify Insights brings to cultivators seeking to maximize yield and set consistent standards for all their cultivars. Pulled from Agrify’s Vertical Farming Units (VFUs), Agrify Insights collects information related to lighting, watering schedules, humidity, temperature, fertilization, and many more points, all of which come together to create the perfect recipe for classic and brand-new cultivars alike.

    Our software easily extrapolates and displays these data in a dashboard, where you can create reports and use the information to make informed decisions to perfect each harvest. Agrify Insights also simplifies reporting, integrating directly into Confident Cannabis and METRC for frictionless reporting and compliance.

    Beyond data-driven insights, Agrify’s cultivation software can help with other key areas of your grow such as production planning. Production planning helps plan sustainable and scalable expansions, access control that streamlines operations, and direct integration with Agrify’s VFUs. Learn what Agrify can do for you – contact our representatives to schedule a demonstration.

    Table of Contents
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