Episode 4: Vertical Farming Part II with Agritecture

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May 11, 2020


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    Henry Gordon Smith of Agritecture

    On this episode, we are pleased to have Henry Gordon-Smith of Agritecture joining our own Chief Technology Officer, Matt Liotta and VP of Horticulture and Customer Success, David Kessler.

    Henry Gordon-Smith is the co-founder of the Association of Vertical Farming, and Founder of Agritecture, a consulting firm specializing in helping entrepreneurs with vertical farming and urban agriculture. Learn about where vertical farming has been and where it’s going in this episode.


    Takeaways for Going Vertical:

    • VFUs are about height, they should be at least 2 levels.
    • VFUs’ 3 dimensional model helps maximizes space.
    • Heat rises, therefore humidity levels and temperature fluctuations need to be taken into consideration.
    • To solve this problem, growers use horizontal airflow fans, floor fans and heaters.
    • There is a labor gap in the cannabis industry. People have to be trained to understand the cannabis industry and its many facets.
    • Data, experience, knowing your approach, and being familiar with the facility is crucial for your business and growth.
    • A global survey concluded 40% of operators had 0 agriculture experience before developing the facility.
    • Precision control of environment is important and is a leading factor safe and consistent production.
    • It is helpful to install chambers in large spaces. Chambers allow for better pest mitigation management, air control, precision, faster rate of change, and optimizes labor.

    To learn more about our Vertical Farming Units, visit us here. Have questions or want to install VFUs in your facility? Contact us today.

    Table of Contents
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