Episode 2: The Future of Cultivation

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April 30, 2020


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    What does the future of cultivation look like? Indoor, outdoor? Soil or no soil? Join Agrify’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Liotta and VP & Head of Horticulture and Customer Success, David Kessler as they discuss the possibilities of the future in farming and growing.


    Things to know about Cannabis Cultivation:

    • Cannabis lacks what McDonald’s, Coca Cola and other brands have: consistency. Precise systems, data and processes are essential for growing high quality products and consistent crops.
    • Cannabis thrives with a controlled environmental culture – indoor, outdoor, greenhouse.
    • There is a strong correlation between chemical profile (determined by genetics) and the environment the plant is grown in.
    • 50% of cannabis demand is now for the flower itself.
    • As lighting increases, cultivators should see is an increase in biomass and uniformity. Consider Agrify’s LED lights for your grow.

    Where is the Future of Cultivation Going?

    • The future of cannabis is going to be reflective on time – cannabis cultivation uses data from agriculture cultivation to determine the future.
    • More work on phenomics will create cannabis strains that have a specific phenotype, whether that be potency or terpene profiles.
    • The future is to grow to support better utilization of space. At Agrify, we believe the future of cannabis lies within Vertical Farming.
    Table of Contents
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