Episode 15: Signature Strains | Make the Most of Your Unique Genetics

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September 2, 2020


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    Signature Strains

    On this episode, Agrify’s VP & Head of Horticulture, David Kessler, is joined by Miles Durham of Greenstone Fire and Trek Manzoni of DOPE Magazine.

    They discuss cannabis genetics, brand building, and how to maximize your brands presence with unique strains.


    Tips for Making the Most out of Your Unique Genetics:

    • Observe the following:
      • Terpene smell and taste
      • Trichome saturation and potency
    • Cannabis strains can be compared to the wine world. Every producer can grow a grape, but not every grape produces a wine that holds weight for its uniqueness and value.
    • Seeds are kind of like twins, they have the same genetics, but when they’re grown in different environments, you’ll get a different result.
    • The best window for harvest is when 80-90% of the trichomes are cloudy.
      • Peak potency for sativa is a small amount of amber
      • Peak potency for indica is waiting for more amber
    • From a branding standpoint, it’s important to promote the strain name and what makes it so special for consumers and the cannabis community.
    • Light, humidity, temperature, and air movement are key for optimal growth of your cannabis.
    • Precision cultivation allows growers to look back on critical data collection when growing particular strains. With no data or records, growing the same strain can be difficult and time consuming.

    Want to get growing with a precision, micro-controlled environment?

    Table of Contents
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