Episode 10: Building A Cannabis Brand

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June 30, 2020


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    Building a Cannabis brand

    On this week’s episode of Agrify Live, join Agrify’s Matt Liotta and David Kessler as they chat with cannabis industry pioneer, Trek Manzoni.

    Trek is the co-founder of DOPE Magazine and President of Agrify Brands. His experience ranges from opening medical marijuana clinics and retail dispensaries, to consulting with city leadership to draft city and state legislation. Trek also has experience operating three tier cannabis grows and is currently one of the top 10 cannabis producer processors in Washington state.


    The Market’s Effect on a Cannabis Brand:

    • The cannabis market is mostly commodity based right now—if you grow, consumers will come. Some brands are focusing on figuring out what consumers want first, then using technology to figure out a recipe that matches their consumer interests.
    • In a market that is becoming more saturated, building a trustworthy brand is imperative.
    • Trek discussing trying to curate brands and put them under his Dope label, but it was difficult because the brands are inconsistent, and he wants to represent consistent experiences for his consumers. This is what made Agrify attractive for him – the ability to produce consistent products.
    • Strong brands can keep a big market share because they have consistent and high-quality products, so they can continue selling at a premium.
    • The market is driving changes in trends, one of them being the trend of blending genetics and the brand. Now, people want good quality genetics and a brand that can deliver it consistently.

    Tips for Building a Strong Brand:

    • What goes into building a brand?
      • Aesthetics (packaging, logo, etc.), consumer audience.
      • Build your brand around your target market
      • Have a story, something to share with your audience.
    • Finding a true Sativa and Indica can be tough — a lot are hybrids, so Trek decided to focus on consumer experience, creating three categories: mind (Sativa), body (Indica), mood (hybrid)
    • People are focusing more on IP now—if you can control a strain to deliver specific results, you can start to own the IP and strengthen the brand
    • In order to build a national brand, the products have to be consistent, and Agrify can help with this.

    Interested in building a national brand? Learn more about Agrify products that help achieve consistency.

    Table of Contents
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