EOS Farm Selects Agrify for Fully Integrated Group Container Solution

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December 5, 2019


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Agrify, a developer of premium indoor grow solutions, is pleased to announce that EOS Farm, a diversified cultivator in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, has selected Agrify’s fully integrated group container solution — the industry’s first fully integrated, multi-grow-stage, plug-and-plant group container solution.

Agrify’s 11 group containers are a modular, scalable, fully integrated multi-stage grow system capable of producing up to 800 pounds gross of flowers annually.

“We’re already very impressed with Agrify Insight, the ‘state-of-the-art or all-in-one’ farm management software,” said John Song, CEO and co-founder of EOS Farm. “Now, we have chosen their container solution because the controlled micro-grow environment provides the best grow environment to give us consistent quality. Its modular, scalable plug-and-plant features will help accelerate commercialization on a large scale, and we were able to take advantage of Agrify’s equipment financing.”

Agrify’s complete turnkey containers allow for growing quality crops rapidly while increasing productivity and improving workflow. They also provide superior climate control and maximized quality.

“We are thrilled to partner with EOS Farm,” said Raymond Chang, CEO of Agrify. “They are an innovative cultivator that wants to take advantage of time to market, yet value the importance of quality and consistency over time. Our group container solution delivers that. We are pleased to work with EOS to help ensure the shortest path towards commercialization and highest likelihood for long-term success.”
About Agrify, a non-plant-touching company
Agrify is a rapidly growing developer of premium indoor grow solutions for the cannabis and hemp marketplace. Our comprehensive grow solutions have been developed with one mission in mind: to assist our valued customers in producing the highest quality product possible with consistency and superior yields. Agrify is a non-plant touching company; to learn more, check us out at agrify.com.

About EOS Farm

EOS Farm cultivates the highest quality Sun and Earth cannabis products. Within the cannabis market, EOS Farm supports local food security, regional biodiversity, and revitalization of the ecological, Massachusetts family farm.