Colorado Dispensary Installs Bluezone® Air Purification Unit

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May 5, 2020


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BOULDER, CO, May 5, 2020 — The Peaceful Choice has installed Bluezone® in their dispensary to help prevent the spread of viruses. Bluezone® is currently being certified to kill coronavirus and influenza.

Marissa Yanick, co-owner of The Peaceful Choice, tells us: “We really wanted to create the healthiest environment for our staff, customers and patients – especially with what’s going on in the world right now. We decided it was a really good investment in our people and our business to install a Bluezone® so we could provide the cleanest air possible.”

For more information on how Bluezone® can help prevent the spread of viral and bacterial infections, read this Virus Mitigation White Paper.

Bluezone® products are critical elements of hygiene programs to minimize health and safety risks for molds, bacteria and virus.

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About Bluezone Products Inc.
Bluezone Products Inc. provides innovative environmental control products that maintain every link of the global perishable supply chain at maximum product quality and yield. U.S. Military tested and approved, Bluezone technology is a breakthrough approach to air purification; instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a filter, Bluezone kills or converts chemical and biological impurities. Bluezone Products Inc. is reinventing the science of freshness. Agrify is proud to be the North American distributor for the Bluezone Model 420.