Integrated Device Control: A Solution to Scaling Cannabis Operations

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September 23, 2021


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    Growing quality cannabis means achieving the same results from the same cultivar every time. At scale, this requires the application of high-fidelity controls over the grow environment and facility operations.

    To achieve repeatable practices and outcomes, it’s critical that you find the right equipment to assist you with your cultivation. Opting to piecemeal your grow solution may mean you end up with software and hardware that limits your ability to collect insights and analyze actionable data. Without a fully integrated end-to-end solution, there is still a high risk of human error, time-cost, and the potential need for additional hardware or software.

    What is integrated device control?

    Integrated device control allows your chosen software to work with any piece of hardware, fixture, or equipment in your facility. Integrated device control enables communication between your software and hardware from different manufacturers, streamlining all data, tasks, and other key information into one central dashboard .

    Why integrated device control is an indispensable tool

    Integrated device control gives cultivators choice. They can select hardware that meets all their needs while managing every component through a single integrated real-time dashboard. This enables complete transparency into your operations and into the plants themselves. Integrated device control also supports you while you scale, allowing you to easily automate and monitor any new grow room activity without interrupting any of your existing operations.

    Expansions are frictionless with integrated device control

    Integrated device control simplifies the addition of new fixtures required to build out canopy space expansion. The seamless integration enabled by integrated device control capabilities can easily add any equipment necessary to support your goals without worrying that your new investment won’t work with your current cultivation software.

    Data silos caused by technical issues are all but eliminated

    Data silos are when groups of data in an organization exist within their own isolated area, disparate from other data sources. This information is not readily available to whole teams; therefore, it’s not easily accessible for use and evaluation for decision making.

    Data silos have several causes, and technology’s inability to integrate is one of the most challenging. With integrated device control, you won’t miss out on important insights into your operation, no matter where those insights may be coming from. All stakeholders (depending on permissions) can view and work with information delivered, leading to better-informed decisions and increased chances of meeting your facility’s goals.

    One software program can connect all technologies in your facility

    A specific piece of equipment could be just what you need to meet the goals you set for your harvest. If that fixture doesn’t communicate with your software, this creates unnecessary work for your staff, and it can create more opportunities for processes to go awry. This is where integrated device control can help.

    When your software has integrated device control capabilities, you can access a world of possibilities for your grow. You can select the equipment you want to use and know confidently that it will work seamlessly alongside your current hardware. This is especially useful for companies that use different technologies at each stage, such as specialty drying and curing equipment or specific hardware just for cloning.

    Facility mapping is no longer a chore

    Software is essential for production planning, providing the tools necessary to plot out every square foot of your facility. Without complete information and a full vision of your facility, you may miss key elements that can have a profound impact on your operations.

    Integrated device control ensures you have all the information you need to make important decisions about harvest timing, plant placement, expansions, and more. Since all fixtures and hardware can easily integrate with your cultivation software, you won’t need to deviate from your current setup or processes, keeping those core tenets central to your plans while you plan for the future of your grow.

    Agrify Insights supports the future of your grow

    With the capabilities of integrated device control, the software your operation relies on can work with any hardware at every stage without juggling multiple software platforms or deviating from your set processes. The complete view of your operations provided by Agrify Insights gives you everything you need to make important decisions with ease.

    Agrify Insights’ integrated device control features enable easy trials of Vertical Farming Units (VFUs). Whether you’re expanding your existing setup with VFUs or considering replacing your vegetation and flowering rooms with VFUs, you can try out a test harvest without turning your current operation upside-down. The VFUs, which come already integrated with Agrify Insights, can then be directly compared to your other ongoing harvests, providing a foolproof way to assess, analyze, and make informed decisions about bringing VFUs into your facility.

    Unlock the potential of Agrify Insights. Contact Agrify to request a demo and learn more about how our software can support the future of your grow .

    Table of Contents
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