Three Ways Bluezone Supports Superior Grow Room Air Purification

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July 2, 2021


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    Extra caution needs to be taken in a grow environment because sticky cannabis resin creates a pathogen trap not found in other cultivation environments. Combined with heat-generating lamps, warm temperatures, frequent irrigation, and other tasks required for cannabis and hemp plants to thrive, an indoor grow facility is the perfect storm of factors for harmful pathogens to grow and multiply.

    Proper air purification can reduce or even nearly eliminate these threats to cannabis cultivation. Cultivators may need to consider multiple grow room air filtration and/or purification technologies to properly tackle all threats. This approach has its drawbacks, though: These machines take up space, create more work for employees, complicate maintenance schedules, and can be a significant up-front expense to purchase and finance the equipment. The most practical solution, then, is to utilize one piece of equipment that does it all – and that technology can be found in Bluezone.

    How Bluezone air purifiers tackle airborne contaminants

    Bluezone is one of the leading providers of air filtration technologies. Military tested and fielded, Bluezone air purification technology stands apart from air filtration systems by killing or converting impurities instead of simply catching them in a filter.

    Agrify partnered with Bluezone in early 2020 to offer the company’s Model 420 to the cannabis and hemp industries. Bluezone circulates air through a reaction chamber designed to destroy all pathogens that can affect the plants. The technology oxidizes the VOCs that create odors, while mold and mildew spores are instantly killed when drawn through a self-contained ultraviolet (UV) light. The result: Bluezone kills more than 99% of airborne pathogens, greatly reducing chances of contamination, minimizing waste, and improving yield.

    Bluezone stands apart from other grow room air purification methods in three major ways:

    Reason 1: Bluezone is highly effective at addressing all contaminants, not just one

    Bluezone utilizes multiple methodologies to address many airborne contaminants found in a grow room. This technology is lethal to mold, mildew, yeast, and bacteria while simultaneously removing odors, VOCs and BVOCs, and ethylene. All these contaminants are mitigated with a more than 99% success rate, whereas other technologies like air filtration systems may be effective at only one or two threats, poor at neutralizing other threats, and require significant maintenance as well.

    Reason 2: Bluezone is easy to install and operate

    Bluezone is easy to install – it can be plugged into any outlet. At under 30 pounds, Bluezone can be mounted to the wall, hung from the ceiling, or placed on a cart for ease of mobility.

    The machine runs continuously with no need to replace filters or other components on a regular basis, so your staff does not need to learn another piece of equipment to operate or add another task to their already-lengthy to-do list. All that’s required for regular maintenance is a yearly UV bulb change.

    Reason 3: Bluezone was made for cannabis

    Instead of applying solutions designed for other applications and getting them to work in a cannabis and hemp environment, Bluezone was designed and built specifically to meet the precise and multifaceted needs of this industry. Particularly when combined with regular surface sanitation and used with equipment built with few openings for contaminants to get into, Bluezone’s air purification technology adds extra, necessary precautions to mitigate the sticky cannabis and hemp resin left behind in air ducts and along surfaces.



    Agrify and Bluezone: Working together to maximize your yield

    At Agrify, our technologies are focused on one central goal: To maximize your yield. Threat mitigation with Bluezone’s Model 420 air purifiers help eliminate harmful pathogens before they wreak havoc on your cannabis or hemp plants, curtailing harvest-ruining issues before they take hold and spread. Partnered with Agrify’s proprietary Insights software for unparalleled harvest monitoring and Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) for even more precise control over your grow, Agrify is your partner in achieving consistent results time and again.

    Interested in learning more about how Bluezone can enhance your facility’s biosecurity measures?


    Table of Contents
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