Four Reasons To Choose Model R Lights For Your Grow Operation

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April 26, 2021


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    The right lighting can make or break your cannabis or hemp harvest: Investing in the right fixtures ensures optimal output and higher yields. While results are certainly the most important factor, there are additional considerations you should make while selecting your facility’s light fixtures. After all, lighting has a tremendous impact on multiple areas of your grow, including facility design, upfront cost, maintenance, and energy savings.

    Designed to maximize photon delivery to the plant canopy while keeping energy costs in mind, Agrify’s Model R LED grow lights deliver on efficiency without compromise, helping you trim costs while maintaining your desired results. Here are the four leading reasons top growers choose Model R lights.

    #1: Model R lights deliver more photons to the plant canopy

    Cultivators need to consider upfront investment and energy costs over time in addition to the overall performance of their grow lights. It’s unlikely that any light will check every box: Lights with top-of-the-line specifications will cost top dollar, while those at a lower price point may not hold up. Neither of those approaches takes the most important factor – photon delivery – into account.

    Model R lights can deliver at least 10% more photons to the plant canopy than other leading grow lights, as photon delivery is often a function of design, not necessarily a factor shaped by the best specs or the largest price tag. This more efficient lighting increases harvest yield, the most important result of all.

    #2: Keep plants in place, thanks to the fully adjustable light spectrum

    Germination, seedling, vegetation, and flowering each require unique light cycles and spectrums for optimal results. Some growers utilize LED grow lights with a certain fixed light spectrum dedicated to each grow stage, but that’s not always the most practical solution. This method can take up excessive space in the facility and rack up expenses if different light types are purchased. It also requires plant relocation, a labor-intensive and time-consuming headache for many growers that also risks exposure to the elements outside a sanitary grow environment.

    Model R lights can support each stage of the cannabis or hemp plant’s life. Adjustable lights give cultivators full control over the light spectrum and brightness required for the plants to thrive at that stage, without needing to change out lights or relocate the plants.

    Importantly, adjustable spectrum lights also have a significant impact on your facility’s energy bills. Where fixed spectrum lights always run at full power, adjustable spectrum lights do not. Changing the lights to only emit what is necessary (and therefore use less power) cuts energy use without compromising performance or sacrificing yield. For example, you can reduce the amount of red during the vegetative stage and increase it during the flowering stage, consuming less energy overall.

    #3: Model R lights can be sanitized with ease

    Mold, insects, and pathogens present a tremendous challenge to growers. These pests and invasive organisms make their way into every nook and cranny, easily transferring from an infected plant to the surrounding surfaces. Without careful, frequent sanitization, LED grow lights are one of the many surfaces that can harbor these harmful substances.

    Many LED lights have design flaws that create places for contaminants to lurk. Two examples are:

    • Integrated hanging hooks: Oftentimes, hanging hooks at the end of a rail light have openings that lead into a hollow metal rail. These empty spaces are great for lightweight design, but they create the perfect breeding ground for harmful invaders. These threats stay behind even if the plants are properly mitigated. From there, they can easily transfer onto healthy plants.
    • Cooling systems: Many of the systems that keep LED lights cool have intricate parts that attract dirt, dust, and yes – threats to crops. Active cooling systems that use fans may be effective, but the blades and grates retain grime, which not only makes them less effective over time but creates a place for pathogens to hide out. Certain designs for passive cooling systems with metal ridges can also create spaces for pooling water that breed insects or contaminants. Routine sanitization of these areas is a time-intensive process.

    Agrify’s Model R lights are designed to avoid these pitfalls. Model R lights simplify the sanitation process by minimizing places where mold and pathogens can hide and thrive. Its hanging system does not allow for moisture to sneak into hollow areas, while its cooling system ditches fans that double as dirt magnets. Smooth surfaces are a cinch to clean from top to bottom, and when coupled with proper threat mitigation, the right grow light design can go a long way in minimizing contaminants. These design improvements earned the Model R lights food-grade NSF certification, one of the only LED grow lights on the market to do so.

    #4: Agrify offers unparalleled customer service

    When you outfit your grow facility with Model R lights, you get the full support of Agrify’s specialists who work closely with your team to ensure the Model R lights are a success. Our experts work closely with you to determine precisely how many fixtures you will need, what you need in your facility for a successful installation, and how far from the plant canopy your new lights should hang. These calculations ensure you only buy what you need, and they get to work right away maximizing your yield.

    Uniquely, Agrify offers LED rebate support that handles the complicated rebate process from start to finish. LED rebate programs can help cultivators save tens of thousands of dollars on their LED lighting investment, but rebate programs can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to successfully apply. Agrify’s LED rebate support specialists select the best LED rebate program for you, take care of the application process, and navigate the pre and post-installation audit process with you.

    Other LED grow lights for cannabis from Agrify

    Agrify offers advanced LED lighting options in two main models: the Model R lights and the Model O lights. Both models prioritize energy savings and don’t generate excessive heat, excellent for maintaining the right temperature in your grow facility. The Model R is an area light fixture that goes above the plant canopy, while the Model O can be used within the plant canopy for supplemental lighting that further boosts yield. Consult the Model R brochure and the Model O brochure for more details and specifications.

    Ready to explore how Agrify can shape the future of your grow? Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about Agrify Model R lights from one of our experts.


    Table of Contents
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