Cashing in on LED Rebates: How Agrify Helped Dawn Star Save

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May 7, 2021


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    For Washington-based indoor cultivator Dawn Star, the energy savings potential of LED lighting was a compelling case to make the switch. As one of the most energy-intensive businesses out there, cultivators can shave thousands off their energy bills annually just by swapping out power-hungry HPS lighting for their low-energy counterparts.

    There’s another reason to turn to LEDs: rebate programs. These incentives offer cash back to any business, including cannabis and hemp businesses, that install energy-efficient lighting and other qualifying equipment. Whether outfitting a new facility buildout, expanding current infrastructure, or upgrading current equipment – like in Dawn Star’s case – energy rebates can offset a significant portion of the initial investment.

    With Agrify’s assistance, Dawn Star received an LED rebate totaling more than $48,000 from their utility against the $93,000 investment made into Model R LED lighting upgrades.

    Dawn Star was one of the first participants in an Agrify pilot program introducing Model R LED grow lights into the U.S. market. For their pilot program, Dawn Star switched out high-energy HPS lights for energy-efficient Model Rs.




    The results impressed Dawn Star: With a 1610 photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), 2.55 micromoles per joule (µmol/J), and the ability to adjust the lights to each growing stage, the Model R boasted impressive specifications at a competitive price. With great results from the trial, Dawn Star proceeded to retrofit the rest of their facility.

    Agrify worked hand in hand with Dawn Star management to determine how many LED lights were necessary to cover 3,250 square feet of combined vegetation room and bloom room space. This process has several components, including:

    • A lighting analysis
    • Calculating wattage currently used
    • Calculating energy savings after the switch to LEDs
    • Measuring the density of light photons delivered at the plant canopy, or better known as PPFD
    • Creating a heat map
    • The estimated lighting layout to support their veg & flower room configuration

    With this information, Agrify helped Dawn Star plan their facility layout, including recommending any infrastructure needed to support the new lighting. The assessment determined that Dawn Star would need 90 Model R lights to support its grow facility.

    Washington State utility provider Seattle City Light, which services the Dawn Star location, offered incentive programs to encourage cannabis cultivators and other businesses to choose energy-efficient solutions.

    Agrify helped Dawn Star select the right program to maximize the rebate amount. Agrify worked directly with the utility to determine the requirements for their per-fixture rebate program. It then worked closely with Dawn Star to prepare the application. This process included a pre-audit conducted by the utility and an audit after installation to confirm that the products are in place. When all was said and done, Dawn Star received $48,000 back on their $93,000 investment – a 50% return on what they spent.

    Maximizing rebates with Agrify

    The LED rebate process can be a convoluted one, and many indoor grow facilities don’t know where to start – assuming they know to ask about rebates in the first place. Agrify’s dedicated rebate specialists demystify this process, assisting clients like Dawn Star with their application from beginning to end. With our guidance, Dawn Star received a rebate worth half of their investment into the Model Rs – lights that will continue to deliver savings for years to come. Contact Agrify to learn more about how your cultivation facility can benefit.



    Table of Contents
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