Episode 12: Cannabis Genetics

dna cannabis leaf

On this episode of Agrify Live, Agrify’s VP & Head of Horticulture and Customer Success, David Kessler, discusses cannabis genetics, pheno-hunting, and genetic selection, with special guest, Miles Durham. Miles is a grower and genetic expert who is currently working with Greenstone out of Colorado.      Tips about Cannabis Genetics: It is important…

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Episode 7: Growing in a Controlled Environment with Mike Dixon

growing in a controlled environment

This episode of Agrify Live is OUT OF THIS WORLD! We have Mike Dixon from the University of Guelph joined by our hosts, Matt and David. Mike Dixon is the Director of the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility (CESRF). As project leader for the Canadian research team investigating the contributions of plants to life support…

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Episode 6: Growth Mindset with Matthew Nordgren

growth mindset

In this episode, we’re discussing the importance of adopting a growth mindset when navigating the cannabis industry. Future demand relies on quality, consistency and reliability in the present. What can you do to scale your business? Join Agrify’s Matt Liotta and David Kessler along with special guest, Matthew Nordgren of Arcadian Fund.    What…

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Episode 2: The Future of Cultivation

the future of cultivation icon

What does the future of cultivation look like? Indoor, outdoor? Soil or no soil? Join Agrify’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Liotta and VP & Head of Horticulture and Customer Success, David Kessler as they discuss the possibilities of the future in farming and growing.      Things to know about Cannabis Cultivation: Cannabis lacks…

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