Agrify Insights: The Cannabis Cultivation Software Solution

the cannabis cultivation software solution

Achieving consistent cannabis cultivation outcomes requires a level of precision that can only be achieved by using integrated hardware and software to actively monitor and analyze your grow operations. These solutions track and report key metrics about each lifecycle, including irrigation times, photoperiod length, plant touching tasks, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, vapor-pressure deficit, integrated pest…

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Urging Climate-Controlled Cultivation to Mitigate Wildfire Damage

Agrify CEO Urges indoor, climate controlled cultivation

This Croptober, outdoor cannabis cultivators on the West Coast have been major victims of unexpected raging wildfires. A number of cannabis farms in Northern California were burned down, while the fifth of Oregon’s cannabis farms have been evacuated over the past month, Green Entrepreneur reports. Moreover, an excessive amount of smoke and ash heavily affected…

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Genetics, Cannabis Taxonomy, and Data Driven Growing


David Kessler, Agrify’s VP & Head of Horticulture and Customer Success discusses the incredible world of the cannabis genome, data driven growing, and more on this episode of the GrowCast podcast with Jordan River. This episode discusses the need for proper documentation and logging of cannabis strain information, and the concern that with all the…

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New Grow Technology Leads To Consistent Cannabis Yields

the future of cultivation

There is very little mystery when it comes to popular brands.  They’re successful because the customer can count on having a consistent experience. Consumers feel confident that they will always receive the same latte, no matter which location they patronize. When it comes to purchasing cannabis, this is seldom the case. Cannabis enthusiasts often rant about…

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