Cannabis Flowering: 5 Tips for Success

5 Cannabis Flowering Tips

5 Tips for Flowering Cannabis LED Grow Lights: Spectrum, Intensity, and Timing No shocker to anyone growing indoors, lighting is a significant component to harvest success. The light spectrum, intensity, and photoperiod all work together to steer cannabis plants toward flower and encourage specific morphological changes including density, coloration, and terpene development. The key to…

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New Grow Technology Leads To Consistent Cannabis Yields

the future of cultivation

There is very little mystery when it comes to popular brands.  They’re successful because the customer can count on having a consistent experience. Consumers feel confident that they will always receive the same latte, no matter which location they patronize. When it comes to purchasing cannabis, this is seldom the case. Cannabis enthusiasts often rant about…

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Automation For Quality Crops

automation for quality crops

The future of agriculture is grounded in automation, but using cannabis grow software is about empowering growers, not replacing them. Software is used to record data points every cultivation cycle and reproduce environmental conditions specific to different strains so that growers can consistently produce high-quality products. Lack of consistency is a common issue in the…

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