Cannabis Extraction: Part 4, Post Processing

Cannabis Extraction Techniques

Introduction As cannabis extracts fuel the growth of the cannabis market today, we’ve been exploring the history and evolution of extraction methods. But while a number of cannabis concentrates are enjoyed on their own, many require post-processing to remove unwanted constituent compounds or to adjust physical or visual qualities. Lab Society  by Agrify, a leader…

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Rosin vs. Distillate

Distillate vs Rosin

What’s the difference between rosin and distillate? Rosin and distillate are two of the hottest “new” cannabis extracts on the market. Both are renowned for being very clean, extremely potent, and connoisseur-grade. But beyond those broad qualities, rosin and distillate are vastly different—in their extraction process, in their consumption methods, and in their overall function.…

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CBG (Cannabigerol): Everything You Need to Know

What is CBG (Cannabigerol)?

What is CBG or Cannabigerol? There are over a hundred distinct cannabinoids known to science, and many more are being discovered as cannabis research continues to expand. As new cannabis terms are introduced into our lexicon daily, you might have heard of a new one actively competing for its share of the spotlight alongside THC…

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