A Guide to LED Lighting Certification for Commercial Grow Rooms

led lighting certification for commercial grow rooms

Growers once shrugged off LED grow light technology as a subpar alternative to traditional HPS lighting. But this tech has rapidly proven naysayers wrong. Today’s best LED grow lights easily outperform legacy lights — you just have to know how to establish which come with LEG lighting certification and which are low-quality knockoffs. Which leads…

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How to Navigate the Supply Chain Crisis as a Cannabis Cultivator

Agrify VFU installed in a cultivation facility

The global supply chain is in shambles. Two years of continuous manufacturing disruptions, the impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns, the Ever Given in the Suez Canal, and now, the Ukraine war have accumulated into a crisis of historic levels. Every industry is feeling the crunch of the global supply chain crisis.  The effect of this crisis…

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Grow Room Solutions for Ergonomic Design Improves Cannabis Cultivation

cannabis grow room solutions

For most cannabis cultivation companies seeking to build new facilities or revamp existing spaces, one consideration is paramount: maximizing canopy size. But the future of indoor cannabis farming needs to broaden its scope beyond the hyper-focus on square footage. What if there are grow room solutions that could improve outputs by pivoting to also focus…

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Optimizing Cannabis Facility Design and Workflow for Maximum Output

indoor cannabis plant cultivation

The average indoor cannabis cultivation facility is now more than 33,000 square feet (Statista). Within the walls of these large-scale commercial operations, producers have begun to realize that the all-too-familiar cannabis facility design is no longer working. Cultivators have become acutely aware of how workflow and facility features impede overall output. Indoor cultivation has reached…

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