5 Cannabis Business Growth Strategy Considerations

The US cannabis market hit a significant milestone in 2021. According to a Grandview Research estimate, the market has finally surpassed $10 billion. Combined with an impressive CARG of 14.9 percent until 2030, this is indeed the golden era of cannabis. How will you capitalize on this opportunity as a small to midsize operation? Ultimately,…

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Diagnosing, Preventing, and Treating Cannabis Plant Problems

BlogHeader_Agrify_Plant Probs

Cannabis plant problems? Diagnosing cannabis plant issues and diseases is a full-time job in a commercial setting. And whether it’s wilting leaves or powdery residue, the faster the issue is diagnosed, the less risk it is to production and profitability. Of the dozens of diseases and problems you could encounter in the grow room, we…

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Cannabis Lighting Schedule Explained

How Light Affects Cannabis

How Light Affects Cannabis Cannabis, like all plants, transforms light, water, and CO2 into energy through photosynthesis. While the photosynthetic process only happens during daylight hours, that doesn’t mean all biological processes go idle once the lights turn off. Your cannabis plants need a period of darkness to use carbohydrate energy stores that were tucked…

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Processor’s Guide to Bubble Hash: Grades and Live vs. Dried

Guide To Bubble Hash

What is Bubble Hash? While the world of modern cannabis extracts has a dizzying array of textures and techniques to explore, bubble hash (also known as ice water hash or ice water extract) was the first major leap forward in extract making practices to emerge out of traditional middle eastern style hashish. While all extracts…

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7 Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

7 Common Cannabis Grow Mistakes Feature

As a beginner, chances are you will make a few cannabis growing mistakes. Not every harvest will come out as expected, but practice makes perfect. The more cycles you run through, the better you’ll understand the plant and the impact of the growing environment. But why go into the process blind? Whether you’ve just set…

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