Air Filtration vs. Purification: What’s the Difference?

filtration vs purification

Air purification goes beyond simply trapping impurities in a filter. Air purification systems like Bluezone take the extra step to kill pathogens found in the air or convert them into a compound less harmful to the plants. Air purifiers are also more effective at negating a wider range of airborne pathogens and threats that can…

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Three Ways Bluezone Supports Superior Grow Room Air Purification

three ways bluezone supports superior grow room air purification

Extra caution needs to be taken in a grow environment because sticky cannabis resin creates a pathogen trap not found in other cultivation environments. Combined with heat-generating lamps, warm temperatures, frequent irrigation, and other tasks required for cannabis and hemp plants to thrive, an indoor grow facility is the perfect storm of factors for harmful…

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Cashing in on LED Rebates: How Agrify Helped Dawn Star Save

Cashing in on Led rebates

For Washington-based indoor cultivator Dawn Star, the energy savings potential of LED lighting was a compelling case to make the switch. As one of the most energy-intensive businesses out there, cultivators can shave thousands off their energy bills annually just by swapping out power-hungry HPS lighting for their low-energy counterparts. There’s another reason to turn…

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Agrify Insights: The Cannabis Cultivation Software Solution

the cannabis cultivation software solution

Achieving consistent cannabis cultivation outcomes requires a level of precision that can only be achieved by using integrated hardware and software to actively monitor and analyze your grow operations. These solutions track and report key metrics about each lifecycle, including irrigation times, photoperiod length, plant touching tasks, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, vapor-pressure deficit, integrated pest…

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Four Reasons To Choose Model R Lights For Your Grow Operation

Agrify Model R Lights

The right lighting can make or break your cannabis or hemp harvest: Investing in the right fixtures ensures optimal output and higher yields. While results are certainly the most important factor, there are additional considerations you should make while selecting your facility’s light fixtures. After all, lighting has a tremendous impact on multiple areas of…

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