Despite Falling Stock Prices, Cannabis Leaders Are Optimistic

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April 25, 2022


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Cannabis investors have seen stock prices tumble even as cannabis companies report increasing sales. Green Market Report recently asked some leaders in the cannabis industry how they felt about the market in general despite the market pessimism.

Brandon Pollock, CEO and Co-founder of Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness, Inc. is an independently owned and operated vertically integrated cannabis brand. The company operates retail, cultivation, and product manufacturing across Massachusetts and Maine, including the cannabis-infused seltzer brand Hi5. 

  • Leading analysts have recently projected reduced short-term cannabis industry growth, with a less than optimistic outlook for federal reform. Do you agree with this projection?

From our view, no, we feel as optimistic as ever about the growth and future of regulated cannabis and have no concerns about the trajectory of the market. In our view, stock market prices are not a good indication of actual on-the-ground performance and the expectations of many independent operators. Especially on the East Coast, we’re expecting explosive growth in the next few years as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut implements adult-use sales. On the Federal side, it’s only a matter of time before cannabis becomes legal, as it is one of the policies most supported by the American populace…

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