A Strong Natural Sanitizer for a Cleaner and Safer Workplace

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August 7, 2020


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    If you haven’t been exposed to COVID-19, then it is very unlikely that your home has been. The easiest way to prevent your home from becoming infected is by taking preventative measures to avoid carrying the virus into your house. The same goes for your workplace.

    What Preventative Measures Can We Take? Use safety precautions like wearing masks, washing our hands, and reading the recommended tips posted by Medical News Today into our daily routines.

    For businesses that are both essential and non-essential, what happens when we all start to file back into our desk jobs? What about those that serve numerous people, every single day? It’s tough to say that everyone will be abiding by these safety measures. In the off chance that these protocols are not being followed, what can we do to help mitigate the risk to ourselves, our employees, and our customers?

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC)recommends that we are cleaning and disinfecting daily. This recommendation isn’t just for individual safety, this is a recommendation aimed at limiting the survival rate of the virus in the environment and it applies to everyone, businesses included.

    What are our Cleaning Options ? As you read on about the variety of sanitizers on the market, you will start to recognize the chemicals that exist within these disinfectants and you may even start to worry about the exposure of your newborn, or perhaps your dog even, to these cleaning products.

    According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many household products found under the kitchen sink are considered to be pesticides. And according to Melanie Forti, Director of Health & Safety Programs, AFOP, “Mixing bleach with other products may cause even more serious health problems especially when mixed with ammonia, vinegar, or any other acid type cleaning material. Bleach can be toxic to every living being and our environment.”

    Ditch the Toxic Chemicals. Enozo uses only one ingredient – normal tap water, to make aqueous ozone that will do more than one thing on more than one surface. Unlike most sanitizers, deodorizers and cleaners, the Enozo spray bottle doesn’t use harmful chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. Many ingredients used in typical multi-purpose cleaners are known allergens and can cause irritation the of skin, eyes, respiratory systems or even asthma. Some cleaning products that are marketed as ‘green’ or ‘natural’ may have harmful ingredients in their fragrances and dyes. That’s because current regulations do not require manufacturers to list all ingredients on the labels due to trade secrets and because the term “natural” in unregulated.

    What is Aqueous Ozone? Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. In nature, ozone is formed mainly by sunlight or lightning, which causes an ordinary oxygen molecule (O2) to join with an unstable oxygen atom through electrolysis or ultraviolet radiation, becoming ozone (O3.) Ozone comes in two forms – gaseous (as a gas) and aqueous (in water.) It occurs in nature, but can also be synthesized/man-made – like Enozo Technologies, Inc. has done to create aqueous ozone to sanitize, deodorize and clean.

    Is it safe? Aqueous ozone (AO) is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and is recognized as safe and highly effective by the National Sanitation Foundation. Enozo is EPA established and Green Seal Certified. Working as a sanitizer, deodorizer and cleaner, it contains no additives, fragrances or dyes. This means that there is nothing added to the solution that may cause skin, eye or respiratory irritation. AO is a biodegradable substance that does not leave behind any residues to attract more dirt into your facility or home.

    Lastly, Enozo products help reduce both the synthetic chemicals used for cleaning as well as the number of plastic bottles purchased due to its refillable and rechargeable feature. Enozo is refilled with tap water and can be used up to 5,000x! This will drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste coming from recurring sanitizer purchases.

    Rather than compromising our health by breathing in disinfecting agents that are commonly connected with health concerns, try a cleaning agent that will reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals.

    Enozo is a sanitizer you can feel good about.

    For questions about Enozo and purchasing, please contact us
    at sale@agrify.com

    Table of Contents
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