4 Unexpected Ways Access Control Transforms Grow Room Software

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October 29, 2021


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    Cultivation software should take your grow to the next level, with advanced features, cutting-edge capabilities, and unique offerings that keep all parts of your cannabis business growing. It’s not always the newest technology that can drive a successful trajectory: It also involves reimagining existing tools in new ways to get the most out of your cultivation software.

    Access control is a great example of this: Assigning each staff member their own login to software may be an expected feature, but it’s often used just for grow room security and not much else. By leveraging the power of this tool, access control can transform from a security basic to an innovative way to improve and streamline your whole operation. Here’s how to make it happen.

    How are access control and grow room software related?

    When you think of access control, you may think of keycards or biometrics like fingerprint scans that grant individuals access to tightly controlled areas of your cultivation operation. However, there’s a whole other side to access control that permits or restricts access to information. Just like every staff member scans a keycard or a thumb to get into your cultivation area, access control in grow room software grants digital “keys” to important information, task lists, consumables supply status, harvest status, and much more sensitive data.

    Access control and grow room security

    Access control for security purposes is important for two main reasons: authentication and authorization. An individual, unique login ID authenticates the staff member by ensuring that they are who they say they are while authorizing them to view information as assigned within the software. If a staff member leaves their company, their access can be revoked and deactivated without interfering with anyone else’s ability to access the grow room software.

    4 additional, unexpected ways access control bolsters grow room success

    Think beyond grow room security. The right software with advanced access control features and capabilities can help streamlining operations and set up your staff for success. Here’s what to look out for:

    #1: It can help reduce information overload

    Staff members don’t need to see everything going on within your cultivation operation. Seemingly limitless options in the dashboard can cause confusion and make it more difficult for staff members to navigate the software and get to what they need to perform their jobs.

    Context-based access control can customize views to filter out what staff members don’t need to see to perform their jobs. This type of access control can assign parameters to each classification of employee within the software, so staff members don’t have to sift through multiple, irrelevant options while logging their tasks.

    #2: Access control can help automate tasks

    With so many moving parts in your grow room, it can be easy to lose track of who’s doing which task on what schedule. With access control tools, you can create recurring task lists for each staff member to help keep things on track and to easily assign responsibility for everything that needs to be done. Supervisors can set up grow room tasks at the required intervals and easily assign them to an individual or individuals within the system. Staff members can be assigned tasks based on skill and knowledge levels predetermined in the software. If a staff member is out when a task needs to be performed, a new staff member on schedule that day can be assigned to the task without worry that they don’t have the necessary knowledge to complete the work.

    #3: Use access control tools for quality control

    Access control logs all activity performed by a staff member. This way, there’s no guessing as to who has done what in your cultivation facility. If you ever need to retrace your steps or need to ask a question about certain processes, simply check user activity to confirm who was involved.

    This feature can also help with scheduling staff members or accommodating for shifting schedules. At a glance, supervisors can tell who has the skills and knowledge to complete a task if someone is out sick or on vacation. This way, there’s less reliance on specialty knowledge or believing that only one person is equipped to complete a certain task. The software will show supervisors a list of other staff members who can step up. This is also especially helpful in an operation that has many staff members, some seasonal and some part time, coming in and out of the grow.

    #4: Access control simplifies software use

    The simplicity of your cultivation software is essential to a frictionless experience. Clunky, difficult to navigate, or complicated processes means that the software is less likely to be utilized correctly, creating complications down the line.

    Access control can play a role in ensuring seamless onboarding, management, and scheduling processes that makes software use a painless process. With clearly assigned roles, staff members know right away what they need to do, where they need to go, and what information is necessary to perform their job well. The information

    This process is made even easier with prediction tools built into the software. Using access control as the base, this technology detects what someone is doing and shows them the rest of the steps they need to take. This removes obstacles for your staff members, proving valuable assistance as they learn to use this essential platform.

    Agrify Insights: cultivation software that goes beyond grow room security

    When evaluating your grow room software options, remember that access control can be used for more than just grow room security. With Agrify Insights, access control provides indispensable tools for smarter scheduling, management, and prioritization of tasks in your cultivation facility.

    Aside from providing our clients the authentication and authorization abilities they need for data security, Agrify Insights harnesses the power of this tool to help supervisors plan, schedule, and delegate tasks each day. When utilized correctly, Agrify Insights’ access control features can help with task automation, scheduling, quality control, and overall ease of use, all of which contribute to staff, team, and organizational success.

    To help achieve this, Agrify Insights introduces two unique technologies into the mix: context-based access control and predictive guidance while in the software. Context-based access control gives each staff member their own dashboard so they only see information relevant to their job, while predictive tools show staff member precisely where to go and what to do next to finish their task lists. The result is a smooth and seamless process that makes Agrify Insights simple for all.

    To learn more about Agrify Insights, visit our guide to grow room software or contact our sales department.



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